Playing With Purpose Sports (PWPS) Hitting & Training Facility is an indoor athletic training facility that is located in Santa Fe, TX. PWPS has full length batting cages, a hitting station offered with team rentals along with softball and baseball pitching machines. Our indoor cages are also retractable for fielding practice as well. Our cages are open to the public. We pride ourselves in creating a low key and clean environment where athletes can train to get better.

PWPS also has several top notch instructors that are available when you need them. Batting lessons, pitching lessons, or fielding lessons. You name it and our instructors know it and are excited to teach the next generation!
We enjoy being a part of a close community and we appreciate the love support from all of our Customers

Batter Up!

Three (3) XL flexible and retractable batting cages are able to accommodate a variety of activities at once (great for teams).

Easily reserve batting cage time, sign up for camps and clinics, purchase packages, and book lessons right here on our site.

PWPS has a deep rooted desire for helping athletes to perform with purpose and passion. We invite all boys and girls to visit our new sports facility in Santa Fe.